Publish on Kindle: Indie Author Must Know

Publish on Kindle as an Indie Author

Publish on Kindle 2Anyone can write and publish on Kindle… and you’re no different!


It can be intimidating at the onset but once you publish on Kindle continuously, you eventually get the hang of it. You learn the skills of the trade.

One day, you realize that what seemed a daunting task has become second nature. Once you develop the habit of self-publishing, it sticks with you. As the popular saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!”

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ~ Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

Indeed, anyone can publish on Kindle or other book publishing platforms, for that matter.

Anyone can be an indie author. Including you.

But don’t get me wrong.

Publish on Kindle But Do the Work

Self-publishing does require a lot of work. I’ve proven that many times over and, sure, avid marketers would sell you into the idea of creating a product effortlessly… in 24 hours, even less.

Perhaps, that’s possible. Just because they’ve mastered the craft.

Or they know something I don’t.

Or they’ve got a magic wand in their hands!

However, if you look at the amount of work that goes into book publishing, 24 hours is just not enough. At least, for me – not only with my children’s books at Amazon but for other fiction and non-fiction books as well.

You may certainly work out a 5,000-word non-fiction book on how to make money or how to parent your kids successfully.

Or a short fiction story of 7,000 words.

Publish on Kindle: Challenges as Indie Author

But do the math. Self-publishing is not merely writing. A lot more goes into publishing on Kindle, as you may glean in this partial list:

  • niche and keyword research (talk about not being found in Amazon’s search engine!)
  • content research
  • outlining
  • formatting or layout
  • sourcing photos or images
  • editing and proofreading
  • outsourcing (if you must)
  • conceptualization and design of your book cover (that you should not take lightly!)
  • uploading at the Amazon Kindle Store or other similar publishing platforms
  • writing blurbs for your book description
  • plus other tasks behind the scenes that don’t seem apparent but you must do!

Unless you’re good enough with sloppy work… but if you want to survive long-term and succeed in the self-publishing industry, sloppy is sloppy no matter what you call it.

And many readers, whether paid or free, wouldn’t bat an eyelash at getting back at you for these failings. Even if all they spent for your book was a measly $0.99… or they got your KIndle book for free!

And get this: You won’t hear a word of gratitude. You may call them ingrates but that’s just how it is.

Capture -- Kindle Reviews

Beating? No doubt. And it can go on and on and on. It will tear you apart.

That’s no joke. Go through the customer reviews section of Kindle books at Amazon and you’ll get a crystal clear picture of what I’m saying.

Publish on Kindle and Reap Your Rewards for Excellence

At the flip side, you’ll enjoy boatloads of buyers and positive customer reviews, day in and day out, if you do an excellent job.

And that’s what you must aim for. Nothing less.

Despite all the challenges that indie authors face, self-publishing is fun, rewarding and worth pursuing.

So… go on and get yourself dirty with Amazon’s great publishing opportunity.

If you’ve already done so, publish some more. The more you publish on Kindle, the better you get. The better you get, the better it is for your pocket!


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