Day 1 Challenge ~ What Exactly Does Your Book Cover Do? (Part 2)

The 3C’s of a Book Cover

A book cover has three main functions. When it performs all three, you got yourself a perfect book cover!

I’ll call these functions as the 3 C’s of a book cover:

1. Captivate

Kindle Book Cover Your book cover should have the “oomph” to turn heads and grab attention.

Whose attention? Your target readers’.

It should not only be different but unique, interesting and attractive.

In an ocean of book covers, it should be able to stand out from the pack.

It should charm your target readers, disarm them and warm them up.

It flaunts and flirts with its target readers, which is a fun way of describing it.

Yet, it is a valuable worker – hardworking, untiring and unstoppable.

It’s your book’s emissary and sales agent that’s up 24/7 to do its task.

As your book’s author, it is therefore your task to cloak your book cover with the qualities to captivate!

2. Capture

Kindle Book CoverAfter grabbing your target readers’ attention, your book cover should be able to hook them in, lock them up and take control of them. In a psychological way, of course.

How? Stir their senses. Arouse curiosity. Create excitement. Let them want more of your book.

At this stage, your target readers are flooded with questions like:

  • What is this book all about?
  • What’s so special or different about it from others that I’ve read?
  • What’s with the images?
  • What does it propose or promise to do?
  • What can I learn from it? Or what more?
  • How can it ease my pain or alleviate my situation?
  • How can it make my life better?
  • Plus more (you name it!).

All these happen in a flash. Subconsciously. Unconsciously.

If your book cover is doing an awesome job, your target reader instinctively reaches out for your book, looks at the table of contents, reads a chapter or two.

3. Compel

Now you’ve struck a chord in them. And they’ll want more.

To satisfy their curiosity. To ease their excitement. To get all their questions answered.

Then, they’ll reach out for their credit card, click the “buy button” and complete the sale.

They just bought your book!

And that’s what you want.

Now, your book cover has served its purpose. Perfectly.

Read Part 1 of this post here.


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