Day 1 Challenge ~ Just What Is a Book Cover? (Part 1)

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Today, I am embarking on a 10-day book writing challenge where, each day, I write a post or two to build up sections to a non-fiction book.

This book is on Kindle Book Covers. It will be at least 5,000 words with around ten chapters.

That’s about 500 words per chapter. It can be more. But not less.

Why this topic?

Well, ebooks are sprouting by the millisecond. From all corners of the world. From both writers and non-writers. It’s pretty clear to me how useful it can be.

This book is intended for indie authors, internet marketers and writers, who are looking at creating their own digital book covers – whether for Kindle, Nook, or other online publishing platforms.

This post is the introductory part, broken down in 2 parts.

Just What Is a Book Cover?

Pretty obvious huh?

An old Chinese Proverb states: “On a journey of a hundred miles, ninety is but half way.”

It’s like writing your Kindle ebook. Just when you thought you’ve written the last word, you realize you need a cover to go.

A book cover is essential to your book.

All authors – amateurs and veterans alike – require a cover for their book. A publishable manuscript that lacks a cover is an unfinished one;

just as a sentence without a period at the end is incomplete 🙂

For centuries, books went in plain covers. Everyone was okay with that. Besides, in the olden times, only the moneyed few can afford them.

But not anymore. There is just a tsunami of books now in the market, whether offline or online, physical or digital. Each one is competing for attention.

To stand out, a book therefore must have the “X” factor to call attention to itself.

As an author, it would do you wonder if your book wears the perfect cover. (I should add here though as a disclaimer that a perfect book cover doesn’t necessarily make you a bestseller nor assure you of a sale. I’ll discuss that in later sections.)

Beyond the Aesthetics: What a Book Cover Is

So… what exactly is a book cover? What can it do for your book? What is it supposed to do?

Your book cover is, for one, a protective layer or wrapper. It safeguards your book from the elements and extends its lifespan.

It adds to your book’s aesthetics… like eye candy. It makes it striking, pleasing and attractive.

It gives your book a unique personality or a distinct character. All its own.

More importantly, your book cover is a marketing tool. It is designed to promote and sell.

It plays three main functions that I’ll call the 3C’s of your book cover:

  • Captivate
  • Capture
  • Compel.

You may read about it in my next post.


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