Day 2 Challenge ~ A Perfect Book Cover: Can It Make Your Book a Bestseller? (Yes and No!)

business-books-2Can a perfect book cover shoot your book up to bestseller?


But not always.

Have you ever wondered how some books become bestseller even with a plain-looking book cover?

Exactly! There are a lot more factors that come into play and your book cover is just one of them.

So if you’re still under the impression or misconception that a perfect book cover is all you need, wake up and see reality for what it is.

If all your efforts and investment fail, don’t beat yourself up. Don’t even think of quitting.

Winners never quit and quitters never win. ~Vince Lombardi

After this discussion, you’ll be a lot wiser.

Now, let’s examine what these factors are and turn them to your advantage:

  • Hungry Market

This is a major factor, no doubt.

Your book cover may be the plainest and most boring. It may come naked, with just the book title and author name.

If you hit the right market – one where hungry buyers devour just about anything on something that makes them happy or solves their problem – then you have a jackpot in your hands.

You must therefore hit this thing on the head!


You can be an overnight success if you do.

  • Keyword Optimization

You may often hear the advice about keyword optimization or using the right keywords for your book.

Use of the right keywords simply lets your book get easily found when people search for a certain topic.

For what good is it to have a book that can solve the world’s worst problems when people can’t find it… or got a clue that it even exists?

If you go to Amazon’s search engine or to Google’s, you’ll find below the search bar a row of words or phrases relating to your topic. They are the most searched words and that’s why they are there.

You must use them, therefore.

You may also use other keyword search tools like the Google  Keyword Planner Tool, Kindle Samurai, Kindle Spy, Micro Niche Finder and more.

There are plenty of them, both free and paid.

  • Active Marketing

Have you ever wondered why Kindle book authors put a badge on their book claiming that it’s a bestseller?

If you look at the sales rank, you’ll notice how its position is way below the 100,000 mark. Some, even worst.

It’s not that they were not telling the truth. On the contrary. And I believe them.

Their book did become a bestseller. At one point. Perhaps, for a day or few days. And that’s possible.

That can be done through active and effective marketing.

They do it in a lot of ways like paid ads (Facebook, Adsense, etc.) social media, give-aways, email marketing, joint venture partnerships, and more.

This is not a general picture though. A lot of bestseller books remain on top for a long period of time.

And there’s certainly nothing wrong with embarking on active marketing to achieve success with your book. In fact, you should learn to do this. It pays.

  • Leverage from a Series or Number of Existing Books

Other authors who already have a series or number of books published link them all up so that when someone buys and reads one book, he’s introduced to the author’s other books, too.

People who like what they read, in most instances, buy other books from the same author.

Brilliant, isn’t it?

And that’s one way why the book cover doesn’t count that much anymore.

  • Huge Author Following

Marketing all the more becomes powerful when the author has a huge army of followers.

That’s why it pays to “build your email list” where the money is.

Just one push of the “send” button to thousands of subscribers can spell a huge difference to your book.

Imagine converting 3% of your 1,000 subscribers to buyers of your Kindle book that is priced at $2.99. That’s a gross income of $89.70 for one email alone.

Write a more compelling email and convert by 15%  at the same price. That’s a gross income of $448.50 or net of $313.95 from 150 subscribers.

What if you have 2,000 subscribers? Or 5,000? Or 10,000?

Many established authors, bloggers and internet marketers have more than that.

Now, go on. Play some more with the numbers and do the math.

The income is just amazing, isn’t it?

It’s a no-brainer how your book can easily be a bestseller.

As an author, your job is no longer confined to writing and the creative stuff.

If you want to succeed in your self-publishing career, you need to learn the ropes of effective marketing.

And at the heart of it is building your list or database of subscribers. Using your website, social media or your book , you provide would-be subscribers with something valuable in exchange for their email.

With a direct access to them, you can now keep in touch regularly for reasons like

  • building trust
  • promoting your existing or upcoming books
  • affiliate marketing
  • feeling their pulse on new topics for your succeeding books,
  • and more. 

You’re no longer at the mercy of the big players like Amazon because you have an asset – your list!

In future posts, we’ll touch more on this but for now, let’s leave this at that, okay?

In summary, a perfect book cover can make your book a bestseller. But again not always.

There are many factors why books, or Kindle books, to be specific, become bestsellers. It is to your advantage as an indie author to learn alternative ways for your book to succeed.

For sure, get that perfect book cover done. It’ll make your book look eye-catching and professional and add credibility to it, enough to make your target readers buy it.

BUT explore the others as well because they work!

Let me know what you think of this article by writing your thoughts and comments below.

If you’re looking for my Day 1 Challenge post, part 1 is here while part 2, here.

As always, I value your contribution to making this post awesome!

MARIA SILVO ~ Entrepreneur  Ι  Children’s Book Author  Ι  Blogger


One thought on “Day 2 Challenge ~ A Perfect Book Cover: Can It Make Your Book a Bestseller? (Yes and No!)

  1. Reblogged this on Brett P. S. and commented:
    I enjoyed reading this post very much. A cover may tell prospective readers much about the content of a book, but if enough readers are aware of its existence, then it becomes a numbers game. We can’t readily engineer ‘viral’ covers anyway.


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