Day 1 Gratitude Practice: Inspiration

InspirationThis is Day 1 of my daily Gratitude Practice. I’m doing this every single day, in rounds of 21 days, to create in me three habits as writer and blogger:

  • Habit of gratitude
  • Habit of blogging
  • Habit of positive thinking.

Today, I am grateful for the daily sparks of inspiration that brighten up my otherwise boring days.

Certain bodies… become luminous when heated. Their luminosity disappears after some time, but the capacity of becoming luminous afresh through heat is restored to them by the action of a spark, and also by the action of radium.”
― Marie Curie

How do I get these sparks or bursts of inspiration?

I don’t know. They just come. When I’m alone or when with others. When doing something or nothing at all. When I’m happy or sad. When my world is colorful or lifeless.

Where from?

From my brain. My subconscious. My inner child. My muse. My children. My husband. People I come in contact with. Memories of the past. The wind. The sun. The stars.

From everywhere.

When they come, I must capture the moment and make them special and sacred. Otherwise, they’re gone or if they’re ever back, it’ll take some time.

Today, my muse paid me a visit. And I have to pay my due respect by putting into writing all my musings.

I thank inspiration for allowing me to dive into the depths of my yet unexplored abyss and float back on top to fully express and graciously share my find.

Thanks again inspiration. You make my life worthwhile.

MARIA SILVO, Entrepreneur l Children’s Book Author l Blogger


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