A Blogging WAHM Who Publishes at Amazon’s Kindle Store: That’s Me

Who am I?

I can label myself into four which, of course, is a very simplified picture of me. 🙂

  • file000918948795A WAHM. I’m a work-at-home mom with three kids who keep me busy day in and day out. I’ve worked from home since 2009 to be closer to my children, the youngest of them then was 4 years old. From being an absentee working mom who was losing out on those precious impressionable years, I’m glad to be a full-time WAHM now. There’s nothing like being with my kids and growing old with them. There are pros and cons to it as many WAHMs would attest BUT I believe this is a temporary thing. As people going through tough times always say,

“This, too, shall pass.

  • A blogger. I blog at my self-hosted website Self Publish Kindle Book and here at WordPress.com. I had two websites in the past with the domain names awesomewahm.com and workathomebulletin.com. I let them go for the reason that I was into something else. Big mistake! They were bringing me a significant amount of traffic but, at that time, I saw them as cost centers rather than profit centers. Lessons learned.
  • From AmazonA writer. I’ve written all sorts of materials – reports, brochures, newsletters, plans, project proposals, sales copy, stories and books. I haven’t kept tab of most of them. What I have kept are the various children’s stories I’ve written singly and with my kids.
  • A published indie author. I’ve published a number of children’s and adult fiction books that are mostly sold at the Amazon Kindle Store. Although I write books in other genre, I want to brand myself as an author of children’s books.

Why am I blogging?

Being a writer can be a pretty solitary life. Not that I’m lonely. Far from it. With a handful of kids and an ever supportive hubby, how can I?

However, my family and I are not always on the same wavelength and sharing the same interests and ways.

Blogging enriches me and spices up my life. There’s a different dimension and meaning to connecting with people who give me a unique perspective and take on things. I learn from them. I grow with them. It’s been a highly exhilarating experience so far!

How can we work together?

Self-publishing is a very exciting and highly stimulating endeavor. It provides vast opportunities for career growth to everyone who aspires to write their own book and be published.

Bloggers hold a powerful asset in their hands – their blog! If not yet published, they’re almost there. Just a little push.

We can both work towards the same direction – self-publishing Kindle books. Better still, self-publishing our books in various platforms.

How about that?

Let me know what you think.

MARIA SILVO ~ Entrepreneur  Ι  Children’s Book Author  Ι  Blogger