Blogging with a Purpose: An Invite to Create a Kindle Book (Join Me!)

Hey there,

I am now on a journey to create a Kindle book by writing blog posts on a daily basis. I’m doing this over a span of ten days, which makes up

My 10-day Indie Author Kindle Book Creation Challenge!

Blogging with a Purpose: The Name of the Game

Blogging with a PurposeI reckon that since I’ll be blogging everyday, I might as well do it with a clear purpose in mind – to create a Kindle book that shall serve me in various wicked ways!

From now on, that’s it for me, for always – blogging with a purpose.

It’s not just to make me money from selling it at Amazon’s Kindle Store. It’ll be for so much more but I’ll share that with you in my future posts. For now, I’d like to keep it under wraps (but do remind me if I forget, will you?).

I’m now actually in Day 2 of my 10-day challenge.

It’s quite a lonely ride. If you’ve been an indie author or freelance writer for a while, you know how it is.

It can be a solitary life –

  • staring in space for ideas with those wide-open, unblinking and starry eyes;
  • scampering to get to your notebook, journal or anything you can write on every so often, to capture thoughts that can easily slip by;
  • pounding hard and fast on your computer keyboard day after day even in the wee hours of the night (if you’re a night owl, like me);
  • and more.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Create a Kindle Book Challenge Invite

Create a Kindle Book Challenge Invite
Create a Kindle Book Challenge Invite

Today, I’d like to invite you to journey with me in this 10-Day Indie Author Kindle Book Creation Challenge.

Let’s journey together with one post a day for 10 days to come up with our own Kindle book.

Let’s cheer each other on everyday, most especially in those days when we lose our fire.

Let’s learn from each other every step of the way.

At the end of the marathon, we get ourselves ten high quality blog posts almost ready to publish at Amazon’s Kindle Store.

We just need a few more steps to see our blog posts packaged into a Kindle book!

Then, it’s party time to celebrate each other’s success.

And it doesn’t end there. We can give each one a complimentary copy of our work.

How about paying it back with a tweet, a Facebook share or like, or an honest review at Amazon’s customer reviews section?

We can run wild with the support that we can give.

How about that?

But first, you must take me on in this challenge.

Create a Kindle Book: A Simple Plan

Create a Kindle Book Simple PlanHere’s my simple plan:

  • List down topics that you’re passionate about or interested in.
  • Do some research.
  • Decide on one topic to write on.
  • Come up with an outline for your book.
  • Post daily in your blog over a span of 10 days.

So as you can see, the target really is to blog for 10 days using your outline as your guide.

Ten days would certainly pass but if you commit to your plan, you get yourself ten high quality articles that you can then compile and format into a Kindle book.

Now, let me know: How doable is that for you?

Are you in on the challenge?

i would surely love to have you, my friend.

If you have suggestions to make this challenge even more fun, exciting and productive, please leave me your comment below.

To know what goes after completing your ten blog posts, please read my next post.


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